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Welcome to Peaceful Mediation South Florida. We offer a Holistic approach to divorce so that you can heal, grow, and improve communication before, during, and after; through every step of your process.

We are here to support you in creating the ideal marital resolution for you and your family. Only you know what is best for you. We will provide you with everything you need in order to feel empowered, identify what you want for yourself and your family, and support you to negotiate the terms of your divorce. We guarantee our services so that you move on peacefully and without regret.

About Us

You’re In the Right Place

Peaceful Mediation South FloridaIf you are looking for a Respectful Affordable Fast Divorce, Peaceful Mediation South Florida is the best option. Generally, you do not want a Judge deciding what happens between you and your spouse. The mediation process allows you to discuss and arise at agreement. Ultimately, you determine the outcome. Your mediator acts as a referee.

Accordingly, your mediator acts as a referee for you and your spouse should a disagreement arise during your meeting. Ultimately, you are empowered to find your own solutions. Your mediator supports you in maintaining respectful communication and sticking to your goal of a completed agreement. You are going to feel great about getting divorced with a Peaceful Mediation South Florida experience to make the difference.

What You Can Expect

Peaceful Mediation South Florida

Created by Carousel Relationship Resolution Group, Chicago

At Peaceful Mediation South Florida you can expect to be treated with respect while you go through mediation. Both you and your intended ex will be treated equally and we will not take sides. Additionally, no one will judge you for your decision to divorce. We have all been through it and remember what it was like for us. We will treat you with compassion and understanding from start to finish.

Also, you can expect your divorce to be handled professionally and with special focus on your long-term healing and personal growth. Our holistic approach to you as a person ensures your successful resolution. Finally, you can expect to complete your negotiation quickly, without added stress, and leave with your signed document the very same day as your mediation.

How Do You Begin

Peaceful Mediation South Florida

Do not wait until your stress level is unmanageable. Call or e-mail us to schedule a complimentary consultation. You and your spouse can ask questions, learn what you need to bring with you for mediation, and begin the process of letting go…with love.

Most of our clients have come to us by word of mouth referral and we treat our web referral clients the same way. Come and meet us first and make sure that we are the right fit for you in your process. Ultimately, we want this experience to represent what is most important to you; healing, peace, compassion, and respect.

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Penny M. Polokoff

Peaceful Mediation South Florida

Wife/Ex-Wife. Mom/Step-Mom & Co-Parent, and Shared-Parenting Coordinator. Palm Beach County Educator/ESE-ALT. Florida Family and Small Claims Mediator since 2014. Florida Licensed Notary. Former NYC Social Worker/Case Manager, 14-years. Specializing in Anger Management, Shared Parenting and Coaching.  (Life, Divorce, and Law of Attraction).  Workshop Facilitator and Skills Trainer.  Bachelor of Arts in both Sociology and Psychology – Queens College of the City University of New York 2001.  Author of The Mediation Handbook for A Peaceful Divorce and Conversations with My Daughter, A perfect mirror of me.

Wendi Gurevich

Certified Hypnotherapist.  Relationship Resolution & Healing Coach.  Sports Performance Coach. Stress Management Expert. Provider High Performance Business Coaching.

Mediation & Divorce Coaching Services

Family Mediation Services

• Consultation
• Negotiation (Same Room/Separate Room)
• Divorce Settlement Agreement (Division of Assets, Shared Parenting Plan, Child Support)
• Post Agreement Modification

Divorce Coaching Services

• Develop A Strategy for Personal Growth
• Learn to Put Yourself First
• Manage Raw Emotions
• Live Into A Plan for the Future
• Explore Causation and Blame
• Develop a Clear Plan for Healing
• Improve Inner Dialogue and Self Talk

Licensed Notary Services

• Mobile Notary Service
• In Office Notary Service
• Witness Telephonic Hearings

Hypnosis Services


• Self-Esteem Building Workshop
• Communication Skills
• Negotiating Your Outcome
• Stress Management
• Parenting Skills Workshop
• Self-Hypnosis
• Anger Management

Anger Management Services

• Develop Awareness of Triggers
• Manage Lashing Out Behavior
• Address “Short Fuse” Conditions
• Manage Emotional Reactivity

Hypnosis & Stress Management Services

• Body/Mind Awareness
• Energy Shifting
• Breath Work

Hypnosis Supports Healing

Additionally, our professional hypnosis service supports Peaceful Mediation South Florida clients to have a deep, complete. and healing experience. At Peaceful Mediation South Florida we address limiting beliefs and sabotage patterns so you don’t repeat behaviors that cause suffering. Together we address and focus on healing so you are healthy and baggage free before entering a new relationship. You will learn what you truly want in a fulfilling and supportive relationship.

Effortlessly, through a series of exercises you become aware of habits, thought patterns, and emotional reactivity that brought you to where you are. You improve your effectiveness and communication skills in order to create your ideal in all areas. The practical and pragmatic skills you develop ensure lasting improvements in many areas including:


What is Mediation and why is it an effective alternative to a court room (litigated) divorce?

Mediation is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) tool that allows people in conflict to discuss their issues and concerns with a Mediator, a neutral third party, in order to maintain a respectful and meaningful exploration of issues with a goal set to formalize a settlement agreement of the issues at hand.

How long does mediation take?

Mediations can take place and complete in as little as 2-4 hours and often in a single meeting (generally when couples are already separated and have a working agreement in place).                                                      A more complex mediation can be completed during a business day, or over the course of several scheduled meetings. There is no such thing as an ‘average’ or ‘typical’ mediation as every couple and their issues are unique. Some things to consider that will The average mediation requires several meetings days depending on the number of issues needing review, the complexity of finances, children/no children, and level of emotion of the participants.

How long does it take to be divorced after mediation?

You will receive your settlement agreement (all or in part) at the time of your mediation. You may take the document for notarization and filing at the courthouse the same day. From there, you will receive a date to appear within 1-4 months (generally)


The mediation process is a purposeful, easy, and clear process for resolving marital issues between separation and divorce. Parties may utilize a legal representative to support their case. The parties may choose to have additional persons present, such as experts or psychologists. (You do NOT have to have a n attorney in mediation). If you have an attorney, they will present your view of the facts and any discussion of the law which is applicable. The Mediator will facilitate an open and respectful environment and/offer parties privacy for their discussion, when needed.

Both parties are given the opportunity to express themselves. It is critical for the parties to personally tell their stories and be heard by the opposing party and/or attorney.

If the parties listen carefully, they will generally come to an understanding, and see where the opposition’s perceptions, demands, and preferences, are different from their own. Awareness of these differing opinions and perceptions on what led to the dispute is valuable. The parties get to carefully consider their differences on the issues, and they can determine the course of the settlement by being open to discussion.

The mediator will never decide the case. Both parties will discuss their ideal settlement and take time to negotiate so that both sides win on some of the issues.

The agreement is written and the parties are ready to proceed to the filing stage.

Who Must be Present at the Mediation?

In a Family Mediation, the parties named in the divorce must be present, with or without legal assistance. Each party is allowed to invite professionals or witnesses to attend. Both parties must agree to allow anyone else to participate.

The mediator is always present unless they parties in the matter are having separate session (parties are in different rooms to allow privacy during the negotiation process or to interrupt an argument).

How do I prepare for Mediation

To prepare for mediation:

  1. Each of you must bring your financial Affidavit
  2. Each of you must bring proof of current income
  3. Each of you must bring proof of any credits or debts to be divided
  4. Each of you must bring a list of marital items you wish to leave with
  5. Bring proof of Paternity where necessary
  6. Bring proof of property ownership to be included in the decision

Expect a call to confirm your consultation the day before it is scheduled.

Expect a call to confirm your Mediation the day before it is scheduled.

Arrive 15-minutes before your scheduled mediation.

Communicate any special requirements or accommodations*.

*Please report cases with history of Domestic Violence to have separate rooms.

What Are the Costs of Mediation?

Mediation is a fraction of the cost of litigated cases. Avoiding a courtroom battle will save untold thousands of dollars and will save a lot of time spent in a courtroom.

Mediation with Peaceful Mediation South Florida will cost $200/hour. Most parties split/share the cost equally, unless otherwise agreed upon. (Sliding scale available for those with combined income under $100,000.)

There are filing fees, court costs, and Notary fees that are not included in the mediation.

How Much Time Should You Allow for the Mediation?

Every mediation case is different.

In order to keep things moving and keep costs down as low as possible, it is imperative that both parties arrive on time, have all of their documents ready for review, and have their financial affidavits handy.

If there are children involved and you already know what you want your shared-parenting/visitation schedule to be, bring written documentation to be entered into the final agreement.

Bring all proofs required in the section: How do I prepare for mediation.

Documenting the Agreements

Once settlement of the dispute is reached, it is written into a Settlement Agreement document (at the same time of services). The document is signed by the parties and their legal counsel if applicable.

Your Settlement Agreement can be taken to your local courthouse and entered on the Court Calendar the same day (before Courthouse closes) or any business day afterward, once the documents are notarized.

Having your documents in hand at the time the mediation comes to an end will allow you to save time and lock you into an agreement that goes into effect immediately.

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Peaceful Mediation South Florida

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